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Wreck of the Dictator

The Statue of the Norwegian Lady at 25th Street and the Oceanfront has long been a site of local renown, but few know the real story behind the landmark. The Wreck of the Dictator is a dramatic re-telling of the story that held Hampton Roads captive in 1891 and, ultimately, inspired the statue. The heart-stopping story of the Norwegian ship “Dictator” and her gallant crew is breathtakingly produced with full lighting, sound, and special effects at the very sight where the wreck took place. Based on the unbelievable historical facts of the tragedy, this compelling tale is a half-hour long and is performed three times nightly. Truth is truly more gripping than fiction!

See Wreck of the Dictator July 8 through August 28 on Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays. Performances at 8pm, 9pm, & 10pm.

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