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The Witch of Pungo

2013 Best of BeachStreet Historical Show Winner: 

In 1706 the Commonwealth of Virginia convicted the first and only woman in its history of the crime of witchcraft.  Now, 300 years later, the story is re-told three times nightly, Friday through Sunday, in chilling fashion on the Virginia Beach Boardwalk at 26th Street.  In this half-hour mini-musical the story of Grace Sherwood is resurrected with full cast, sets and lighting, and a haunting original score. In this remarkable re-enactment you’ll discover the real story behind the witch hunt that memorized the early colonies, from the accusations to the dramatic conclusion – her trial by water!  You’ll discover that what happened in colonial America centuries ago was far scarier than witchcraft.

Two shows per night: 8:30 and 9:30pm.

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