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Dashboard Confessional


Chris Carrabba had written over a dozen new songs when he uncovered "We Fight," the opening track on Crooked Shadows, Dashboard Confessional's seventh album. The song became the launching point for each note that followed, the bar under which each track was measured. It contains a dynamic force, a surging energy, that resonates throughout the album, and reflects back on everything Dashboard Confessional has achieved in the past two decades.

Crooked Shadows feels like the opening of a new chapter in Dashboard Confessional's career, but it also revisits their past. For Chris, there were several roads the band could have walked down after the success of their first few albums. They picked one -- and he's grateful for that -- but he's always wondered what was down the other roads. Crooked Shadows is one possible answer to that question. It's also a reminder of the band's skill when it comes to penning deeply and unabashedly emotional songs, an aesthetic that influenced countless younger artists. Over the years, Dashboard Confessional has made it enviable to bare your soul in a song and to be unashamed of any feelings that may arrive. Chris and his fellow musicians have found a new perspective on the world in these songs, one that only comes with more life experience, but those exposed emotions remain.

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