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Evan Button

“SOUL!” This is the word uttered most frequently when people are describing 15-year-old Evan Button. Whether they are talking about Evan’s voice or his musical selection, “soul” is the primary descriptive word.

Evan has been playing guitar and singing for crowds since he was eight years old. He has had the opportunity to share the stage with artists such as The Jesse Chong Band, The Tyrone Vaughan Band and Jimmy Cole. Evan has played at numerous festivals, charity events and local restaurants. This past winter, Evan had his debut radio play on the 96X Local Music Show. This summer, Evan was voted as the best solo musician in the “Best of Beach Street” competition. To date, the highlight of Evan’s career is when he was called up on stage at the NorVa to join his favorite band, SOJA.

When Evan plays, people stop what they are doing and look up in surprise; they can’t believe such a big sound is coming from such a small kid. Evan appeals to a wide audience, children love seeing a kid perform and adults enjoy witnessing such young talent. Evan’s song list includes a varied selection of Folk, Reggae, Classic Rock and Contemporary Country. Often, Evan is accompanied by Tommy Koehler. Tommy, an accomplished percussionist adds a lot to the mix. Evan currently has a five song EP out.

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Evan Button

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